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We at NPL-Overland.eu are your cont­act for high-qua­lity and pro­fes­sio­nally car­ried out off-road trips in Ser­bia, Mon­te­ne­gro, Alba­nia, Lat­via, Tuni­sia and many other exci­ting tra­vel count­ries.

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Expe­ri­ence your 4x4 adven­ture on deser­ted trails and stony slo­pes!



The uncrow­ned top desti­na­tion for dis­cer­ning over­land­ers in Europe.


A breath­ta­king high­land, uni­que in Europe.



Expe­ri­ence breath­ta­kin­gly pris­tine nature.


For meek over­land­ers and fru­gal off-road enthu­si­asts.



Dis­co­ver the wild beauty of this, for many still unknown coun­try, on our 4×4 off-road tours in Bul­ga­ria.


Dis­co­ver end­less desert land­scapes and magni­fi­cent oases.



An almost inex­haus­ti­ble offer of cul­tu­ral and his­to­ri­cal sights awaits the inte­res­ted over­lan­der in the sou­thern­most coun­try of the Bal­kan Pen­in­sula.


Here the focus is on rela­xed off-road in very attrac­tive land­scapes as a short vaca­tion from ever­y­day life.


Off-road tra­vel on the date you want

We also offer all off-road trips as an indi­vi­dual tour on the desi­red date for groups of 5 vehic­les or more.
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Cus­to­mer tes­ti­mo­ni­als

The first multi-day off-road tour for my adult son and me. Over­all, we were very satis­fied, also or pre­cis­ely because ever­y­thing did not go as it should, because the wea­ther was capri­cious and the path was repea­tedly sof­tened. We would very much like to drive again with these scouts …

Arno Klu­ten
I can only recom­mend giving it a try. Ser­bia is worth a trip. For us the most beau­tiful coun­try and off-road para­dise that we have ever been able to get to know. We will be back. So the whole family inclu­ding the disco !!
Chris­tian Rose

Pure Adven­ture! Every day was exci­ting and exci­ting anew. This will not be our last tour with you. Keep it up! Steffi, Andreas and Ruby

Steffi & Andreas

Cool !!! For me it was the first off-road tour with a group. And I have to say that it was a great expe­ri­ence for me. I was able to par­ti­ally push my vehicle, an ATV CF-Moto 800, to its limits.


Impres­si­ons of the off-road tour in Mon­te­ne­gro

Impres­si­ons: Ser­bia “Indian Sum­mer” 2021

Alba­nia — Report of an off-road trip through a wild coun­try

4 × 4 off-road tra­vel — off-road vehicle adven­ture for self-dri­vers

The gol­den days, in which unpa­ved roads lured peo­ple with off-road trips off the bea­ten track, are lar­gely over. Infra­struc­tures are impro­ving, roads are beco­ming incre­asingly paved, more and more dri­ving bans are being intro­du­ced and the undis­co­vered spots are dis­ap­pearing. We at NPL-Overland.eu spe­cia­lize in off-road expe­ri­en­ces in Ser­bia, Mon­te­ne­gro and Alba­nia. In these count­ries there is still the pos­si­bi­lity to expe­ri­ence the great off-road adven­ture lar­gely undis­tur­bed. We have the lar­gest net­work in the Bal­kans, most of the com­ple­tely unknown rou­tes and offer the grea­test pos­si­ble off-road and nature expe­ri­ence….

Off­road tours: tra­vel sus­tain­ably, expe­ri­ence 4 × 4 adven­tures.

In all tra­vel count­ries we work clo­sely with locals on site, because it is important to us that our local part­ners par­ti­ci­pate in our suc­cess. So we and our tour groups are always wel­come guests in the respec­tive coun­try and our par­ti­ci­pants have the oppor­tu­nity to immerse them­sel­ves deeply in the respec­tive cul­ture. We fol­low this credo and take you on an unfor­gettable adven­ture off the bea­ten track. Off-road trips are a good oppor­tu­nity to dis­co­ver the last unknown places, to expe­ri­ence new things and to escape ever­y­day life with us. We always stay in the grea­test pos­si­ble harm­ony with nature and usually move our off-road vehic­les on anci­ent, long-exis­ting paths. We com­bine our Ser­bian tours with the tours of our Ser­bian part­ner Rustikatravel.com and run them tog­e­ther. All trips marked as “Scout Tour” are to be unders­tood as such. Here we are some­ti­mes explo­ring new sec­tions of the route and assume a cer­tain wil­ling­ness to be fle­xi­ble on the part of the par­ti­ci­pants.

Our off-road trips gua­ran­tee the per­fect out­door expe­ri­ence pai­red with a large pro­por­tion of cul­tu­ral high­lights. On our tours we visit spe­cial places again and again, such as local mar­kets, cul­tu­ral sites worth see­ing and breath­ta­king natu­ral sights, which are mostly away from all tou­rist conur­ba­ti­ons. Our 4 × 4 off-road vehicle tours take us again and again up to breath­ta­king moun­tain pas­ses, deep into enchan­ted pri­me­val forests, over washed-out, rocky slo­pes, through pic­tures­que val­leys and vil­la­ges and towns that are well worth see­ing, before we end the evening tog­e­ther by the crack­ling camp­fire. Book your place now on our self-drive off-road tour through Alba­nia or one of our other trips in 2022! We take you into a world bey­ond known paths, into pri­me­val wild lands of breath­ta­king beauty.

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