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Experience your 4×4 adventure on deserted trails and stony slopes!



The uncrowned top destination for discerning overlanders in Europe.



A breathtaking highland, unique in Europe.



Experience breathtakingly pristine nature.



For meek overlanders and frugal off-road enthusiasts.



The 4×4 off-road paradise for mud enthusiasts.



Discover endless desert landscapes and magnificent oases.



An almost inexhaustible offer of cultural and historical sights awaits the interested overlander in the southernmost country of the Balkan Peninsula.



Poland has long been a guarantee for varied and exciting off-road tours.



Here the focus is on relaxed off-road in very attractive landscapes as a short vacation from everyday life.

Off-road travel on the date you want

We also offer all off-road trips as an individual tour on the desired date for groups of 5 vehicles or more.
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Customer testimonials

Pure Adventure! Every day was exciting and exciting anew. This will not be our last tour with you. Keep it up! Steffi, Andreas and Ruby

Steffi & Andreas

The first multi-day off-road tour for my adult son and me. Overall, we were very satisfied, also or precisely because everything did not go as it should, because the weather was capricious and the path was repeatedly softened. We would very much like to drive again with these scouts …

Arno Kluten
I can only recommend giving it a try. Serbia is worth a trip. For us the most beautiful country and off-road paradise that we have ever been able to get to know. We will be back. So the whole family including the disco !!
Christian Rose

Cool !!! For me it was the first off-road tour with a group. And I have to say that it was a great experience for me. I was able to partially push my vehicle, an ATV CF-Moto 800, to its limits.


Impressions of the off-road tour in Montenegro

Impressions: Serbia “Indian Summer” 2021

Albania – Report of an off-road trip through a wild country

4 × 4 off-road travel – off-road vehicle adventure for self-drivers

The golden days, in which unpaved roads lured people with off-road trips off the beaten track, are largely over. Infrastructures are improving, roads are becoming increasingly paved, more and more driving bans are being introduced and the undiscovered spots are disappearing. We at NPL-Overland.eu specialize in off-road experiences in Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. In these countries there is still the possibility to experience the great off-road adventure largely undisturbed. We have the largest network in the Balkans, most of the completely unknown routes and offer the greatest possible off-road and nature experience….

Offroad tours: travel sustainably, experience 4 × 4 adventures.

In all travel countries we work closely with locals on site, because it is important to us that our local partners participate in our success. So we and our tour groups are always welcome guests in the respective country and our participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply in the respective culture. We follow this credo and take you on an unforgettable adventure off the beaten track. Off-road trips are a good opportunity to discover the last unknown places, to experience new things and to escape everyday life with us. We always stay in the greatest possible harmony with nature and usually move our off-road vehicles on ancient, long-existing paths. We combine our Serbian tours with the tours of our Serbian partner Rustikatravel.com and run them together. All trips marked as “Scout Tour” are to be understood as such. Here we are sometimes exploring new sections of the route and assume a certain willingness to be flexible on the part of the participants.

Our off-road trips guarantee the perfect outdoor experience paired with a large proportion of cultural highlights. On our tours we visit special places again and again, such as local markets, cultural sites worth seeing and breathtaking natural sights, which are mostly away from all tourist conurbations. Our 4 × 4 off-road vehicle tours take us again and again up to breathtaking mountain passes, deep into enchanted primeval forests, over washed-out, rocky slopes, through picturesque valleys and villages and towns that are well worth seeing, before we end the evening together by the crackling campfire. Book your place now on our self-drive off-road tour through Albania or one of our other trips in 2022! We take you into a world beyond known paths, into primeval wild lands of breathtaking beauty.

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