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“Serbia in the Gold Rush”

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"Serbia in the Gold Rush"

On our 4 × 4 off-road tour we learn the art of gold panning from locals and discover caves of breathtaking beauty, which have served as secret gold hiding places since ancient times.

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Tour description:

Gold, primeval forests and robber caves – 4 × 4 offroad adventure in Serbia

We will take you on a special kind of off-road adventure. Discover with us challenging trails in the terrain through enchanted primeval forests and endless high plateaus.

Exclusively and only at we drive our 4 × 4 off-road vehicles through Serbia’s largest active gold mine. Visitors are usually strictly forbidden here in this moon-like landscape. Suddenly our off-road vehicles will appear very small next to the gigantic dump trucks, each of whose tires already weigh three tons.

Spring arrives late in the Homolje Mountains and so in this time of the year the tracks can be really demanding, depending on the weather, so that we can only progress with teamwork in places. In the evening we can relax in the hotel with a typical dinner from the impressions and exertions. Time to recharge your batteries.

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We meet in the early afternoon near Belgrade and travel together in a convoy towards Zdrelo Spa. There we move into our rooms and can relax in the hot thermal springs of the wellness hotel in the evening.

The first day of the tour takes us through one of the most beautiful regions in Homolje, where our track leads us through the legendary Trest forest, a place that shows its muddyest side even in summer. A festival for all “mud enthusiasts”. Those who dare to take the harder route will also get their money’s worth here in terms of winch technology. Then we will conquer the Štubej, the highest peak of the western Homoljes Mountains. From then on we slowly follow the long ridge of the Homolje Mountains into the heart of the mining region of Serbia.

We start the next day with a visit to Rajko’s cave. According to legend, Rajko was a Serbian Robin Hood whose treasure was never found. The greatest treasure, however, is the cave itself. Then our 4 × 4 off-road trip takes us through the mountains around Majdanpek and we experience a drive through real European jungle. We plunge into the technically challenging valleys of the “Gold River” before we are initiated into the secrets of gold panning by an old gold prospector after lunch in a local tavern.

On the third day we will continue to be thematically accompanied by gold on our tour. Thanks to our unique local contacts, we exclusively travel to Serbia’s largest managed gold mine with you. Driving in this huge non-public mine will make this day a unique experience.

The fourth day is all about pure off-road fun. We take a dynamic drive through maze-like forest trails and try to visit some attractive peaks and lookout points. There is a possibility that there is still snow here and blocking our way on some passages. There are some softened passages and tricky river crossings to be mastered here. In the evening, a four-star hotel on Lake Bor rewards us for the day’s efforts.

Day five, six and seven are still characterized by picturesque cross-country passages. A visit to Serbia’s famous Lazar Cave, which is the longest cave in Serbia at 12 kilometers deep, makes this off-road adventure a unique experience. We take a break on the slopes of the gorge of the same name. There we walk about 15 minutes to a lookout point with a breathtaking panorama. With a bit of luck, the eagles of the Lazar Gorge will welcome us.

After successfully crossing the Vinatovača rainforest the following day, along the attractive Reseva Gorge, we stop at our friends at the Milanović Ranch around noon. We enjoy an authentic farewell dinner together before everyone starts their journey home.

We at are happy to present you this special off-road trip. Let us show you a truly beautiful Serbia away from the big metropolises.

Come with us on this adventure. We look forward to you!

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Tour details:

This trip is suitable for off-road vehicles with gear reduction and MT tires. SUV only by arrangement, please. A winch is an advantage, depending on the weather.

  • Difficulty level:

    "Serbia in the Gold Rush" until "Serbia in the Gold Rush"

  • Accommodation & meals:

    • Hotel tour with breakfast and dinner * (* excluding drinks)
  • Group size:

    • min. 4 & max. 10 vehicles
  • Services included :

    • all entrance fees
    • 1x German organization vehicle with guide
    • 1x Serbian organization vehicle with guide
    • 6 nights in a hotel with dinner * (* excluding drinks) and breakfast
    • Travel security certificate
    • Radio on loan
    • Detailed travel documents
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“Serbia in the Gold Rush”

* Tours only take place if the corona regulations in force at the time of the tour permit!

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Wir unterteilen unsere Touren in vier Schwierigkeitsgrade: Leicht, mittel, schwer und schwer Plus

Die Zuordnung fällt naturgemäß nicht immer leicht, da sich der Anspruch an Fahrer und Fahrzeug, z.B. je nach Wetter schnell verändern kann. Kontaktiert uns bitte unter wenn ihr euch nicht sicher seid, ob der angegebene Schwierigkeitsgrad zu euren Erwartungen passt. Gerne beraten wir euch und besprechen die Anforderungen im Detail.

"Serbia in the Gold Rush" Leichte Tour / Offroad Einsteiger oder wenig Erfahrung im Gelände / Serien 4×4 / All Terrain Reifen
"Serbia in the Gold Rush""Serbia in the Gold Rush" Mittelschwere Tour / erste Erfahrung im Gelände notwendig / Serien 4×4 mit Untersetzungsgetriebe und evtl. Mittelsperre / gute All Terrain Reifen evtl. Mud Terrain
"Serbia in the Gold Rush""Serbia in the Gold Rush""Serbia in the Gold Rush" Schwere Tour / Erfahrung im Gelände notwendig / sicherer Umgang mit dem Fahrzeug im Gelände / Untersetzung / erhöhte Bodenfreiheit / Mittelsperre + evtl. HA-Sperre / Mud Terrain Reifen / stabile Bergepunkte am Fahrzeug vorne und hinten
npl-overland-offroad-reisen-iconnpl-overland-offroad-reisen-iconnpl-overland-offroad-reisen-icon"Serbia in the Gold Rush" Schwere Tour PLUS / gute Erfahrung im Gelände notwendig / sicherer Umgang mit dem Fahrzeug im Gelände / Untersetzung / erhöhte Bodenfreiheit / erhöhte Luftansaugung / Sperre Mitte und Hinten / Mud Terrain Reifen / stabile Bergepunkte am Fahrzeug vorne und hinten / individuelle Modifikationen nach Absprache / möglicherweise Sonderausrüstung im Fahrzeug


Abenteuer pur! Jeder Tag war auf’s neue spannend und aufregend. Dies wird nicht unsere letzte Tour mit Euch gewesen sein. Macht weiter so! Steffi, Andreas und der Ruby

Steffi & Andreas

Die erste mehrtägige Offroadtour für meinen erwachsenen Sohn und mich. Wir waren insgesamt sehr zufrieden, auch oder gerade weil nicht alles so klappte, da das Wetter Kapriolen schlug und den Weg immer wieder mal aufweichte. Wir möchten sehr gerne mit diesen Scouts nochmal fahren…

Arno Kluten
Ich kann nur empfehlen, probiert es aus. Serbien ist eine Reise wert. Für uns das wohl schönste Land und Off-Road Paradies das wir je kennenlernen durften. Wir kommen wieder. Also die ganze Familie samt Disco!!
Christian Rose

Geil !!! Für mich war es die erste Offroad Tour mit einer Gruppe. Und ich muss sagen, dass es für mich ein super Erlebnis war. Mein Fahrzeug ein ATV CF-Moto 800 konnte ich zum Teil bis an seine Grenzen bringen.

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