“Spring Awakening in Western Serbia”.

Hotel tour
"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia".

Western Serbia has to offer a truly impressive landscape with several nature reserves, national and nature parks. This very dynamic, mountainous terrain is home to many deep gorges and beautiful lakes, magnificent old mixed forests and unique ethnic architecture with wooden houses in an area where the locals have lived in harmony with nature for centuries.

Tour description:

Discover the untouched beauty of Western Serbia: nature, culture and adventure

Between the mountains of western Serbia lie some of the most beautiful and picturesque off-road routes, which meet the expectations of both passionate travelers looking for a relaxing ride through picturesque landscapes and ambitious off-road riders in search of excitement and fun. And at the end of the day, in each of the mountains in this area, there is an exquisite place where you can rest – beautiful small mountain hotels that offer you all the luxury and comfort you expect, no less perfect than hotels in Western Europe.

This tour begins with a section through the Valjevo Mountains, a vast area of low (up to 1300 m) but beautiful and diverse mountains south of the town of Valjevo. We will first cover the most picturesque path between Ravna Gora and Divčibare over a narrow, rocky ridge with a view of half of western Serbia before reaching our magnificent 4-star hotel in the tourist town of Divčibare.

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On the second day, a dynamic and varied, relatively long route through the rest of the Valjevo Mountains awaits us, ending with our arrival in Kaluđerske bare, a resort town that is the gateway to the spectacular Tara National Park. This route often mixes muddy forest passages with gravel and shorter sections on asphalt roads.

The Tara Mountains are mostly covered by pine forests, with peaks that are 1500-1700 meters high. It is surrounded by the breathtaking canyon of the Drina River, which we can see from two spectacular viewpoints. In the middle of the Tara, at an altitude of about 1000 m, lies Lake Zaovine, which is also a beautiful sight with its five parts reaching deep into the surrounding valleys covered with dense forest. In the south, the Tara Mountains are connected with Zlatibor (another large and very diverse highland) via the Šargan Pass.

Both Tara and Zlatibor have an extensive network of good quality gravel roads, but once you move away from the main roads, you can easily find some more challenging forest trails. Early April is the time between winter and spring at these altitudes (usually above 1000 m), so our tour will also be an exploration with alternating fresh green and snowy passages. Constant light changes ensure that it never gets boring, and the beautiful views will tempt us to spontaneous photo stops.

As we drive over the highlands of Zlatibor, our average altitude slowly rises, but we also enter an area where the mountains are quite densely populated and people live in harmony with nature. Thus, we will pass many small mountain villages with the traditional architecture of wooden houses, for which Western Serbia is particularly famous, making the tour a strong cultural experience.

Finally, the tour reaches the area of Uvac lakes and Pešter highlands, surrounded by several of the highest mountain ridges in the region – Zlatar, Jadovnik and Golija. While the attractive peaks of these mountains are inaccessible until mid-May due to huge snow drifts, we will make some very interesting routes through the lower slopes of these mountains, where spring awakens already in early April and offers us nice opportunities to enjoy the lake scenery with some really spectacular viewpoints and maybe even meet the griffon vultures up close (the Uvac Reserve hosts one of the largest colonies of griffon vultures in Europe).

The last day of the tour traditionally offers a shorter and easier route, leaving enough time to return home in the early afternoon or directly from our last hotel in the early morning if you wish.


Since practically every mountain in Western Serbia is a popular vacation spot, it is easy to find good hotels and make a smart choice for your maximum satisfaction. The six hotels featured on this tour are a combination of luxurious, large 4-star hotels that offer everything you would expect from such a place (including wellness and spa facilities), and some small, atmospheric hotels built in the traditional local style, which means no compromise on the quality of services and content. We pay special attention to the selection of hotels located deep in nature, away from major cities, to ensure you contact with unspoiled nature 24 hours a day.

On all days we will have half board (included in the tour price), which means that breakfast and dinner will be taken in the hotels, while on the road we will have to feed ourselves with the food we brought from our mobile coolers (or stop at restaurants in the countryside on the days we pass them). All hotels have ample parking and offer free wifi access.

We recommend that you do the shopping for lunch before our meeting on the first day or when you arrive in Divčibare at the end of the hike planned for that day, as there are several food markets nearby. During the tour, there are opportunities to replenish food supplies near most of the hotels where we stay. Therefore, a compressor refrigerator is not crucial for satisfaction on the tour, as it is possible to buy the food you need for lunch the next day almost every day. In the email that we send out one month before the start of the trip, we will inform you about this issue in more detail.

Daily lunch breaks take place between 12:30 and 14:00 and last approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Since traditional meals in Serbia are quite sumptuous and there is a decent breakfast and dinner every day, we don’t think you will feel like having a hearty lunch.

What else should you know about the tour?

For this tour, the meeting point is at a large gas station about 100 km southwest of Belgrade, near the A2 highway (you will receive detailed directions, coordinates and GPX/KML tracks to reach the meeting point). Final details will be emailed to you about a month before the tour begins. Please make sure you have travel insurance before starting the tour. We expect you to arrive with a vehicle in good technical condition that can withstand a week of off-roading in the moderately muddy conditions of early spring. This tour requires average off-road experience and skills. During the tour there is a possibility to refuel (gasoline, diesel, LPG) near most of the hotels, so you don’t need to take extra gas cans. All major credit cards (Visa, Master, Maestro, etc.) work in Serbia (both at ATMs and when paying for goods), but it is advisable to carry a small amount of cash for minor expenses.

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Tour details:

This trip is suitable for off-road vehicles with gear reduction and at least AT (MT recommended) tires.

  • Difficulty level:

    "Spring Awakening in Western Serbia".

  • Accommodation & meals:

    • Hotel tour half board (breakfast and dinner)
    • At lunchtime, the participants take care of themselves
  • Group size:

    • min. 5 & max. 10 vehicles
  • Services included :

    • all entrance fees
    • Assistance throughout the tour from our guides
    • Tour guide in German and English
    • 6x overnight stays / half board in typical hotels and guest houses
    • Travel security certificate
    • Radio on loan
    • Detailed travel documents

Choose a tour date

“Spring Awakening in Western Serbia”.

02.04. until 08.04.2023

1400,- EUR per vehicle with driver,
+ 400,- EUR for the second person in the vehicle and double room.
In case of single room request we charge 190 EUR extra.

"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia".
07.05. until 12.05.2023

1400,- EUR per vehicle with driver,
+ 400,- EUR for the second person in the vehicle and double room.
In case of single room request we charge 190 EUR extra.

"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia".
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Wir unterteilen unsere Touren in vier Schwierigkeitsgrade: Leicht, mittel, schwer und schwer Plus

Die Zuordnung fällt naturgemäß nicht immer leicht, da sich der Anspruch an Fahrer und Fahrzeug, z.B. je nach Wetter schnell verändern kann. Kontaktiert uns bitte unter info@npl-overland.eu wenn ihr euch nicht sicher seid, ob der angegebene Schwierigkeitsgrad zu euren Erwartungen passt. Gerne beraten wir euch und besprechen die Anforderungen im Detail.

"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia". Leichte Tour / Offroad Einsteiger oder wenig Erfahrung im Gelände / Serien 4×4 / All Terrain Reifen
"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia"."Spring Awakening in Western Serbia". Mittelschwere Tour / erste Erfahrung im Gelände notwendig / Serien 4×4 mit Untersetzungsgetriebe und evtl. Mittelsperre / gute All Terrain Reifen evtl. Mud Terrain
"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia"."Spring Awakening in Western Serbia"."Spring Awakening in Western Serbia". Schwere Tour / Erfahrung im Gelände notwendig / sicherer Umgang mit dem Fahrzeug im Gelände / Untersetzung / erhöhte Bodenfreiheit / Mittelsperre + evtl. HA-Sperre / Mud Terrain Reifen / stabile Bergepunkte am Fahrzeug vorne und hinten
npl-overland-offroad-reisen-iconnpl-overland-offroad-reisen-iconnpl-overland-offroad-reisen-icon"Spring Awakening in Western Serbia". Schwere Tour PLUS / gute Erfahrung im Gelände notwendig / sicherer Umgang mit dem Fahrzeug im Gelände / Untersetzung / erhöhte Bodenfreiheit / erhöhte Luftansaugung / Sperre Mitte und Hinten / Mud Terrain Reifen / stabile Bergepunkte am Fahrzeug vorne und hinten / individuelle Modifikationen nach Absprache / möglicherweise Sonderausrüstung im Fahrzeug


Ich kann nur empfehlen, probiert es aus. Serbien ist eine Reise wert. Für uns das wohl schönste Land und Off-Road Paradies das wir je kennenlernen durften. Wir kommen wieder. Also die ganze Familie samt Disco!!
Christian Rose

Die erste mehrtägige Offroadtour für meinen erwachsenen Sohn und mich. Wir waren insgesamt sehr zufrieden, auch oder gerade weil nicht alles so klappte, da das Wetter Kapriolen schlug und den Weg immer wieder mal aufweichte. Wir möchten sehr gerne mit diesen Scouts nochmal fahren…

Arno Kluten

Abenteuer pur! Jeder Tag war auf’s neue spannend und aufregend. Dies wird nicht unsere letzte Tour mit Euch gewesen sein. Macht weiter so! Steffi, Andreas und der Ruby

Steffi & Andreas

Geil !!! Für mich war es die erste Offroad Tour mit einer Gruppe. Und ich muss sagen, dass es für mich ein super Erlebnis war. Mein Fahrzeug ein ATV CF-Moto 800 konnte ich zum Teil bis an seine Grenzen bringen.