4 × 4 off-road tra­vel — off-road vehicle adven­ture for self-dri­vers

Our mis­sion…

… is to carry out high-qua­lity, pro­fes­sio­nally exe­cu­ted off-road trips that have been worked out down to the last detail. Our more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence as pas­sio­nate over­land­ers make us your per­fect com­pa­n­ion when it comes to tra­ve­ling off the bea­ten track. We have the lar­gest net­work in the Bal­kans, most of the com­ple­tely unknown rou­tes, which can often not be found in any tra­vel guide, and offer you the grea­test pos­si­ble off-road and nature expe­ri­ence…. Over­land­ing in its most beau­tiful form …

The gol­den days, in which unpa­ved roads lured peo­ple with off-road trips off the bea­ten track, are lar­gely over. Infra­struc­tures are impro­ving, roads are beco­ming incre­asingly paved, more and more dri­ving bans are being intro­du­ced and the undis­co­vered spots are dis­ap­pearing. We at NPL-Overland.eu spe­cia­lize in off-road expe­ri­en­ces in the Bal­kan count­ries, Ser­bia, Mon­te­ne­gro, Croa­tia and Alba­nia, but Lat­via, Rus­sia, France and Tuni­sia have also pro­ven them­sel­ves to be great and exci­ting tra­vel desti­na­ti­ons in our port­fo­lio in recent years. Come with us on the jour­ney and expe­ri­ence the great off-road adven­ture!

Off-road tra­vel and expe­ri­ence 4 × 4 adven­tures — over­land­ing at its best

Our credo

In all tra­vel count­ries we work clo­sely with our local part­ners. It is important to us that our local part­ners share in our suc­cess. Thanks to our gro­wing net­work, we have insi­der know­ledge in the respec­tive tra­vel desti­na­tion and gain insights that are mostly hid­den from the solo tra­ve­ler. We and our tour groups are always wel­come guests in the respec­tive coun­try and our par­ti­ci­pants often have the oppor­tu­nity to immerse them­sel­ves in the respec­tive cul­ture.

We fol­low this credo and take you on an unfor­gettable adven­ture off the bea­ten track. Off-road tra­vel as the per­fect oppor­tu­nity to dis­co­ver the last unknown places, to expe­ri­ence new things and to escape ever­y­day life with us. We always stay in the grea­test pos­si­ble harm­ony with nature and usually move our off-road vehic­les on anci­ent, long-exis­ting paths. We com­bine our Ser­bia and Mon­te­ne­gro tours with the tours of our Ser­bian part­ner Rustikatravel.com and run them tog­e­ther. All trips marked as “Scout Tour” are to be unders­tood as such. Here we are some­ti­mes explo­ring new sec­tions of the route and assume a cer­tain wil­ling­ness to be fle­xi­ble on the part of the par­ti­ci­pants.

Our off-road trips gua­ran­tee the per­fect out­door expe­ri­ence pai­red with a large pro­por­tion of cul­tu­ral high­lights. On our tours we visit cul­tu­ral sites and breath­ta­king natu­ral sights worth see­ing again and again and spend the night mostly in wild, untouched camp sites which are away from all tou­rist conur­ba­ti­ons. Our 4 × 4 off-road vehicle tours take us again and again up to breath­ta­king moun­tain pas­ses, deep into enchan­ted pri­me­val forests, over washed-out, rocky slo­pes, through pic­tures­que val­leys and vil­la­ges worth see­ing, before we end the evening tog­e­ther by the crack­ling camp­fire or join us in the hotel Let yours­elf be pam­pe­red with excel­lent, typi­cal cui­sine. We take you into a world bey­ond known paths, into pri­me­val wild lands of breath­ta­king beauty.

“Tra­vel enn­o­bles the mind and cle­ars up our pre­ju­di­ces.”

- Oscar Wilde -

The NPL Over­land Team

Tour guide and manage­ment

Vehic­les: Toyota GRJ78, Toyota GRJ71, Toyota Hilux V6

Over­lan­der since 2002 — pre­fer­a­bly off the paved roads

Motto: “You come as a cus­to­mer and leave as a fri­end!”

Tour guide, mar­ke­ting & events

Ana­lyst and chief scout at NPL-Overland.eu
Vehicle: Land Rover Dis­co­very 3
Over­lan­der since 1997. Favo­rite tra­vel desti­na­tion: Ser­bia — off-road of course!

Motto: A per­fect fee­ling for the needs of the group are cru­cial for suc­cess!


Part­ner and Guide — Ser­bia

RustikaTravel.com and Serbiaoutdoor4x4.com .
Our exclu­sive part­ner in Ser­bia.
Ser­bia guide at NPL-Overland.eu and abso­lute Bal­kan expert. He is a tour guide in Ser­bia and sup­ports us with his exper­tise.

Vehicle: Jeep Grand Che­ro­kee

Motto: We don’t tra­vel to drive off-road — we drive off-road to get to the most extra­or­di­nary places. That is an important dif­fe­rence!

Guide — Alba­nia

Alba­nia and Greece guide at NPL-Overland.eu
Tour guide and vehicle mecha­nics
Vehicle: Land Rover Dis­co­very 1 300 Tdi

Motto: no pro­blem .… we fix it!

Guide — Croa­tia

Croa­tia­guide at NPL-Overland.eu
Tour guide and pho­to­gra­phy
Vehicle: Mitsu­bi­shi Pajero

Guide — Lat­via

Lat­via guide and cer­ti­fied off­road dri­ving ins­truc­tor at NPL-Overland.eu
Tour guide and trai­ning — on and off-road
Vehicle: Toyota Land­crui­ser HZJ

Motto: There is no such thing as impos­si­ble

Guide — Tuni­sia

Tuni­sia guide, knows the Tuni­sian Sahara like the back of his hand

Motto: drink beer and sleep here


“Mr. Kaleu”

Vehicle: Jeep WJ

Motto: never stop dis­co­ve­ring

5 good reasons …

Why you should take part in a gui­ded off-road tour with npl-overland.eu in the Bal­kans:

  1. Thanks to a har­mo­nious coope­ra­tion with our Ser­bian part­ner, we have the lar­gest geo­gra­phi­cal data­base with the most inte­res­t­ing four-wheel drive rou­tes — 150,000 km, coll­ec­ted through 40 years of adven­ture tra­vel in the region, gua­ran­tee you the best in an uncom­pro­mi­sing tour.
  2. We gua­ran­tee you small groups and a rela­xed, fri­endly atmo­sphere on the tours. We never for­get that you are on vaca­tion and not on a mili­tary exer­cise.
  3. We always adapt the cur­rent tours to the mood and pre­fe­ren­ces of the group — thanks to our exten­sive know­ledge of the area, we are always able to respond fle­xi­bly to the needs of the group.
  4. The Bal­kans is the best oppor­tu­nity to expe­ri­ence real wil­der­ness and unli­mi­ted free­dom of 4x4 trips (inclu­ding wild cam­ping), unrest­ric­ted by rules — wit­hout lea­ving Europe and tra­ve­ling for days or weeks to your desti­na­tion. Most of our tours are only approx. 1000 km away from Cen­tral Europe.
  5. Geo­gra­phy is our pas­sion, we dis­co­ver beau­tiful, hid­den places and no adre­na­line stunts. That’s why you have the oppor­tu­nity to meet a lot of nice, like-min­ded peo­ple on our tours and make new fri­ends — wit­hout the risk of a ner­vous guy hun­gry for “action” spoi­ling ever­y­thing for the rest of the group.

Of course, we do not only offer tra­vel desti­na­ti­ons in the Bal­kans. We are con­ti­nuously stri­ving to make our offer even more attrac­tive.

Lat­via and Cor­sica have mean­while found a per­ma­nent place in our tour calen­dar, which we will gra­du­ally expand with more exci­ting adven­tures. It remains exci­ting!

See you on tour — your team from npl-overland.eu

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